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Sending large files

Send large files over email fast, simple and FREE!

Transfer files online

Do you have a large file and you don’t know how to send it? Are you up to the 30MB limit that offers your email? Here we present you a different solutions to send huge file free and online. Sending large files never been that easy!

First of all I have to warn you there exists a very simple solution. You could try to compress the file using some online web. What’s the problem with this solution? It could happen that in the process of compressing your video or set of photos, or PowerPoint or anything you are trying to send, you loose resolution. In fact, it can also happen that after you have done the compression, you are still out of your email bound and you are there with the same problem. In this article we will present you 3 different solutions to this problem.

Sending large files via email

How to send large files through Gmail

This is a solution Google added no many years ago. The idea behind it is saving the file first in your Google Drive account (where we can keep a lot of huge files) and then we will send a link to the other person that points to our Google Drive file. This way we will be able to send large file without sending the file itself, but a reference to it!

The steps to follow are:

Image of Google Drive icon you have to select
Image of Google Drive icon you have to select

When we send the email through Gmail we have to select the icon of Google Drive instead of the one that is used to attach files. When we select it, we will be redirected to our Google Drive account.

Image of our Google Drive account
Image of our Google Drive account (it is white to preserve my intimity)

When we are with this screen, we have to navigate to find our file in our Google Drive account. When we find it we select Link of Drive (selected in red) Don’t select the icon of attack file. In that case we will have the same size problem!

After all of this, you already have it. Send the message!

How to send large files through outlook or hotmail

If you have Outlook (hotmail), the idea behind is exactly the same as in the previous. But since Outlook is from Microsoft, they have already made their own platform (One Drive). You will have to upload your file there and link it from there. Here you have a link showing step by step.

Sending large files via WeTransfer

If either of the previous solutions convinced you, we have another solution. We can use platforms specifically designed for this purpose. In my opinion, that solution is by far the most simple, easy, fast and with less problems.

It isn’t even necessary to register to send files less than 2GB (the majority of the cases)

Image of WeTransfer Platform for sending files

When you open WeTransfer you will find this interface. You just have to put your email, the recipients email, the message you want to attack and select your attached file in the red zone. You press Send button and the problem is over. Easy, simple and fast!

If you liked the article, we also have it in Spanish! Cómo enviar archivos pesados?